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Coaching Calls for the Nourishing Thyroid Health Group Continuing Education

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Coaching Calls for the Nourishing Thyroid Health Group Continuing Education
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This program is only available to learners who have already completed the Nourishing Thyroid Health program. These calls are used to further expand the knowledge learned and continue to improve the health of the learner in the classes of the Nourishing Thyroid Health program.

  • Learners will join the Nourishing Thyroid Health Group Coaching Calls
  • GoToWebinar is the platform we will use
  • Learners will be sent the dial in details/link to join the call via email
  • Email reminders will be sent to learners 1 day before and 1 hour prior to the call
  • The coaching calls will discuss content from the Nourishing Thyroid Health modules

Learners can ask questions on specific topics being discussed:

  • Call #1 The Basics of Thyroid Health
  • Call #2 Lifestyle and Environmental Factors That Effect Thyroid
  • Call #3 The Adrenal Connection
  • Bonus Module #1 Your Menstrual Cycle and Your Thyroid
  • Bonus Module #2 Essential Herbs for Thyroid and Endocrine Health
  • Call #4 The Emotional & Spiritual Connection to Healing Thyroid
  • Bonus Module #3 Mediation to Treat Thyroid Disease

What you will gain

  • Refresh knowledge on what you learned from the modules
  • Expand your mind on further improving your thyroid condition
  • Learn to apply what you have learned to your everyday life
  • Connect and brainstorm with new colleagues who share similar goals
  • Opportunity to ask Andrea further questions on the topic at hand
  • All LIVE coaching calls will be recorded so you can listen at your convenience
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