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The Whole Truth - How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health, and You Can Too!

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The Whole Truth - How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health, and You Can Too!
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After the death of her mother, and witnessing the devastating effects of modern medical treatments for cancer, Andrea knew there had to be an alternative way to heal the body without destroying it in the process. She put that theory to the test when she was diagnosed with a debilitating thyroid disease. She altered her nutrient poor diet and negative lifestyle behaviors, and used natural methods that promoted health.

With patience and persistence she reclaimed her health and fully recovered without having to resort to a lifetime of costly prescription drugs or surgery. This inspirational story follows Andrea on an eye-opening journey as she travels from chronic sickness to vibrant health, and teaches you how you can do it too! If you are seeking vibrant health, it's imperative to understand how better quality foods, eaten consistently, and positive lifestyle behaviors can support this process.

The Whole Truth reveals which type of foods and activities are best to help you reach your ideal weight, increase energy, and disease-proof your body. This inspirational book will give you practical tools you can use every day to improve your overall health, and look and feel your absolute best.

Order now and reclaim your health today!

Customer Reviews
Rating You inspired me to write a book!
I read the whole truth and you certainly inspired me to write a book on my own. I also have my own story. I also appreciate your stand and courage, rare to see in the world we live in. I am a student at IIN (66 years young), fed up with the medical/pharmaceutical empire of misplaced service provided to people like me with so many lies. I want to finish my course, help myself and be an example to others so I can help them as well and do what you did, to speak up.
Reviewed by: from Upper Kennetcook, NS Canada. on 11/19/2017
Rating New Customer
I am really enjoying this book, and learning things that will continue to inspire me to live in a healthy way.
Reviewed by: from Roanoke, VA... on 3/15/2013
Rating New Customer
I purchased Andrea's book because I've lost my health insurance and want to be more active in my own health, plus I'm older and needed some help knowing which way to go. This book is very informative and I will reread it several times I'm sure, I learned quite a bit from it and plan to implement many of the suggestions. This is an excellent book and a fast read as well!
Reviewed by: from La Crescenta, Ca... on 7/18/2012
Rating Health Coach
I purchased this book for one of my clients. They enjoyed the book and were very thankful that I sent it to them. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels like they want to take control of their health.
Reviewed by: from Chicago... on 4/30/2012
Rating New Customer
I really love this book. It really hit home and will help me get my health back on track. I know I have to start cooking for myself.
Reviewed by: from new york... on 8/10/2011
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